Creatures in my Mind

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While walking in the woods I came across a few remarkable image.

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Rule the world

The title may make you think that I have intentions for this blog to spin off into a mega center but you would be wrong. The true reason that I maintain this blog is to keep me up to date on my favorite web CMS platform. So with each post I am not only a step closer to writing for the web and I am filling this blog with content that is not stock ipsum.

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Intrepid explorer


Zane on an expedition, not sure what he looking for, but he is determined to find it.

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July 4

What a wonderful day in Asheville, NC me and the family have just staked out a prime piece of fireworks viewing property. Hopefully  this location will produce a great experience visually as well as imaging wonderful sights in my sons mind

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Design blog

I know that blog’s are a dime a dozen now a days but, I am not looking to make this the next big blog site. This is more for me and anyone that would like to learn or read what I have to say at the time. This site will focus on personal issues and design/development projects that I want to display.

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