Skee Ball

The newest game to be added to the Night when the Service Industry gets to party.

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How The Post-Season Tournament Works

Format: Single elimination until round 2

Round 0.5 – Play-in games (All 8th place teams)
Round 1 – Teams 1-8
Round 2 – Winning teams from round 1
Round 3 – All teams from round 2

Schedule: Rigid Continue reading

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Bingo won’t be joining us for the rest of our lives. There are at least 4 reasons:

1) We can’t check it easily for accuracy (not to say anyone would ever cheat, but…)
2) It’s the most time consuming game for players to track
3) It’s the most difficult for new players to grasp
4) Changing the numbers every season is a wicked pain in the ass

This is a minor sacrifice. With less than 17 teams, we’ll just live without. With 17 or more, we’ll figure out an easier game for everyone.

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Survivor Tournament

nintendo ds
TheĀ Survivor Tournament will begin on May 17th. This is an additional tournament that will add competition to our regular bowling. Please note that this tournament is ongoing throughout the season as an additional side-game and has nothing to do with the regular season bowling. Continue reading

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