SearchPoint recognizes and appreciates our clients’ demands.  We have built a customized, dynamic repertoire of services to meet these challenging and varying needs.

Retained Search

Retained Search is a partnership that offers clients the most customized and in-depth candidate search and vetting process possible:

  • Deep searching, targeting and identifying of candidates
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance based analysis
  • In-depth behavioral interviews
  • Culture fit assessment
  • Expert industry perspective
  • Background, profile and reference checking
  • Continual commitment to confidentiality of the search

Upon completion of full cycle candidate vetting, we present our lead candidates. We repeat this process until the position is filled with a candidate that precisely meets our client’s requisition. Retained Search service includes in-depth and all encompassing scheduled client updates to secure the highest possible level of communication and due diligence throughout the life cycle.  This also ensures that if needed, appropriate adjustments will be identified and executed.  Retained Search fees are established prior to the commencement of a search and we offer our clients the option of having project or salary based fees.

Contingency Search

Our Contingency Search offers clients the most cost-effective option by using a fee percentage based on the candidate’s annualized salary. Contrary to many contingency search firms, SearchPoint delivers more than just resumes.  We deliver deeply screened, competent and professional individuals with whom we have established relationships.  Our candidates are purveyed via networking, referrals, and leveraging industry contacts.  Our search and vetting process is more thorough than our competition which is exemplified by our high success ratio.  Candidate evaluations include in-depth, in-person interviews and background checks conducted by qualified experts.

We take our commitment to the confidentiality of our candidates and clients very seriously. Our thorough knowledge of the currently available workforce and extensive experience in confidential searches affords us the ability to efficiently furnish our clients with a short list of appropriate candidates, without divulging our clients’ sensitive information.

  • Exclusive Contingency

We encourage clients to consider the exclusive contingent search. This option helps to avoid candidate redundancies, provides a higher level of confidentiality, and a more customized, tailored search.

Temporary or Consulting Needs

SearchPoint has a proven track record of providing ad-hoc and temporary solutions to our clients.  We recognize that hiring circumstances may require an immediate, short or long term temporary need and are well equipped to provide around the clock solutions.  We have an extensive database of qualified and trusted professionals who are available for short or long-term assignments.

Project Based Needs

With our reliable network of qualified professionals and partner vendors, we are equipped to organize and mobilize quickly in order to implement full life cycle project solutions with tight deadlines. Our network of project managers, experts and consulting teams are comprised of industry experts with immense practical experience.

SearchPoint has a consultative and tailored approach to our clients’ project based needs.  We are retained for various sized projects that include marketing surveys, salary studies, expertise requests, software deployments, network upgrades, hardware rollouts and more.